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Welcome to the Parent Resource Page.

The faculty and staff at Blue Diamond Elementary School believe that education is the shared responsibility of the student, family, school, and community. We believe that strong partnerships can be developed through nurturing respect, sharing knowledge, supporting each partner’s role, collaborating on matters of importance, and by appreciating the contributions each partner makes to student achievement.

This section of our web site is here to provide quick and easy access to important information for parents. We look forward to parental input on additional information you would like in this section.

  • School Lunch Menu
  • Cell Phone Usage Policy
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  • Supply List (Grades 2-3)
  • Supply List (Grades 4-5)
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  • Attendance Guidelines
    It is important that your child is at school on time each day. Please schedule appointments after school hours. A student is considered tardy when they are not physically present in the classroom at the start of the instructional day, 8:25 AM. Three tardies equal one absence and disqualify a student from receiving a perfect attendance award. Excessive tardies, absences, and early check-outs result in the loss of academic instructional minutes for your child. Students with excessive tardies and absences may be retained or deemed truant (NRS 392.130). Click Here For more information on school polices and CCSD regulations.
    School Lunch Information
    Room 2 Lunch will be from 11:50 to 12:10. Room 1 and 4 Lunch will be from 12:15-12:35. Students may bring their lunch from home or purchase school lunches. You may either pay for school lunches in the MP room or you can go on-line. Applications for free or reduced price meals are available and MUST be submitted each new school year. Click Here to visit their website or call Food Service Department at 1-800-819-7556.
    Classroom Food Policy
    Birthday celebrations
    Blue Diamond school does not allow students or staff to bring food items into school for birthday celebrations. Furthermore, because we have students who have other types of allergies including allergies to specific materials used to make products, students may not bring in birthday bags to be handed out at school. Classroom teachers may continue to celebrate student birthdays at school with birthday crowns, stickers, and/or singing the Happy Birthday song.

    Classroom celebrations
    Blue Diamond school will no longer allow students or staff to bring in baked food items, items that may contain nuts or peanuts, eggs or items made with eggs, or other food products that may result in a student having an allergic reaction. With the assistance of CCSD Health Department, there is a list of approved food items that may be served during school celebrations. This list and an updated School Health and Safety Policy letter will be provided to families.

    Please note that food products sold in the school’s student store do not contain products containing peanuts, nuts, or eggs. The products sold in the student store comply with CCSD Policies. If your child has a food or other allergy, please notify the school nurse.